Saturday, 15 March 2014

Wooden Shjips Interview: Ripley Johnson talks of Back To Land gear

Ripley playing his Eastwood '59 reissue
Here at Do You Even Psychedelic? we have always been fascinated by the mysterious Wooden Shjips front man, Ripley Johnson. Often seen to be supporting an array of interesting guitar equipment, we caught up with him to find out about what he used to craft the band's latest sonic outing, Back To Land. 

"Hey Ripley, what gear did you use on the latest Wooden Shjips record, Back To Land?"
"Hey Dan, I used a bunch of different gear on the album, but my main stuff is an Airline '59 guitar (Eastwood reissue), a '68 Fender Twin Reverb, 
a MXR Distortion+ (early 80's), a MXR Phase 100 
(early 80's), a Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man,
a Teese RMC3 wah, and a Klon Centaur. I also used a
1970's Fender Vibro-Champ on the [Back To Land] album. 
None of it is very rare, except maybe the Klon."

Ripley got satisfaction from his Klon Centuar
"Do you use any different gear live? I think I've seen an Ampeg and an SG?"
"Sometimes I play an SG, but otherwise it's the same."

"What type of SG are you playing on the stage?"
"It's an early 60's reissue."

"And did you get the Bigsby put on afterwards as an extra?"
Ripley onstage with his Gibson reissue

"How about amps, is that any different to than in the studio?"
I use a Twin [Reverb] most of the time. In the studio I've tried different things. 
I tend to like the Fender sound.

"Thanks for taking the time for the interview, man"
"No problem, dude."

You can find out more about Wooden Shjips' latest album, Back To Land, here.

Interview conducted by Dan Sharman.

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